Wise Program Uninstaller Portable


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Wise Program Uninstaller is a useful tool that deletes programs from any device without leaving a trace, ensuring their complete uninstallation.

This application will help you erase unwanted Windows software and clean up all the junk files they leave behind. Wise Program Uninstaller will help you get rid of all those programs that you've been unable to delete until now.

This tool lets you see all the programs you have currently installed on your computer. You'll just have to click on the ones you don't want anymore and choose Safe Mode.

Wise Program Uninstaller also offers users a forced uninstallation feature for programs that are difficult to delete. You should only use this option as a last resort. In addition to deleting programs, this tool can modify and repair them.

This version of Wise Program Unistaller is portable, meaning you can run it on any device and won't even have to install it.
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